Give yourself the best chance

Life Whisperer non‑invasively identifies an embryo’s viability.

Embryo assessment, or grading, is normally done by a skilled embryologist, who examines each embryo under a microscope and assigns it a grade. The grading enables your clinic to choose the embryo with the best chance of leading to a successful pregnancy.

While many factors affect the success rate of IVF, grading can be subjective. Also, the critical morphological features (or structures) that indicate embryo viability may be missed.

Life Whisperer is a non-invasive software application that uses image-based analysis and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help your embryologist determine embryo viability.

High-resolution digital camera images of your Day 5 embryos are uploaded to the Life Whisperer application and an instant assessment is returned for each embryo. This analysis helps to identify the morphological features that are associated with uterine implantation potential (or pregnancy).

The AI algorithm produces a confidence score that objectively indicates the implantation potential of each of your embryos. This score from 0 to 10 helps your embryologist to choose an embryo based on its likelihood of leading to a successful pregnancy, with 10 being most likely.

The printed Life Whisperer report tells you about each of your embryos and is yours to keep.