Make up for lost time.

Use our technology for free.

Make up for lost time.

Use our technology for free.

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See how our AI advanced embryo selection helps to improve success rates and patient satisfaction.

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    International multi-center study demonstrates Life Whisperer is at least 25% more accurate in assessing embryo viability than traditional morphology assessment by embryologists.

    • “Our work with Life Whisperer has enhanced our understanding of how AI can be instrumental in advancing our work within the fertility sector. Using technology like Life Whisperer will ultimately improve patient outcomes and lower costs for our patients.”

      Matthew (Tex) VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD/CC (ABB) Director of Laboratories and Operations Ovation Fertility, Texas

    • “The technology has complimented our current workflow and embryo selection techniques, not only with the aim of improving patient outcomes but also by allowing patients to be more informed about their embryo development.” "Life Whisperer has been a very useful addition to our IVF laboratory. The technology has complimented our current workflow and embryo selection techniques, not only with the aim of improving patient outcomes but also by allowing patients to be more informed about their embryo development. The Life Whisperer app is user friendly for embryologists and easy for patients to understand. The team were helpful and supportive whilst we explored how the technology worked and how it would benefit our patients. Setting it up in our laboratory and implementing it into everyday workflow has been simple and we continue to receive the same level of support from the Life Whisperer team. The feedback from all of our patients has been overwhelmingly positive. We are proud to be able to offer this kind of advanced technology at Flinders Fertility and highly recommend it for any IVF clinic."

      Dr Ashleigh Storr Flinders Fertility

    • “Computer vision with AI may revolutionise IVF treatment and this new technique is another milestone of AI in IVF. This technique will help doctors and embryologists around the world to predict the chromosome status of embryos in a rapid and non-invasive manner enabling the prioritization of embryos that are likely to be euploid for transfer or for further confirmatory PGT testing, leading to a faster time to pregnancy and reducing the cost of the treatment.”

      Adelle Lim, IVF Laboratory Manager / Chief Embryologist Alpha IVF & Women’s Specialists

    • “As Head of Embryology I am very much aware of the stress that the pandemic has caused many of our patients, with delays to their treatment, which is why I like using Life Whisperer in my labs because it provides standardisation for the assessment of embryos. Just this capability alone means we raise the quality of every assessment and don’t suffer from human bias to select the best quality embryo for our patients to transfer.” "Nova IVF Fertility is dedicated to the highest levels of patient care and service. Using Life Whisperer AI promotes these two values strongly, so our patients can reduce their cycles and begin their families sooner.”

      Sujatha Ramakrishnan, Head of Embryology Nova IVF Fertility

    • “Life Whisperer AI is a very timely technology to help meet the demand and take pressure off our teams. Offering patients fewer cycles reduces their stress and makes IVF more affordable to more Indian couples. Our embryologists find the technology very easy to use and it certainly helps with the flow of the lab, to standardise embryo assessments.”

      Shriraj Rawal, COO Wings Hospitals

    • "I was skeptical about using AI as a tool to augment my decisions as an embryologist. Signed in for the trial version of Life Whisperer Viability project just out of curiosity. Honestly, I thought AI will fail my testing! I tested it against many tricky conditions almost wanting it to fail, but to my utter surprise, IT WORKS!! Congratulations to the entire team of Life Whisperer for creating a product that works like a charm, the user interface is very easy and intuitive and above all, the processing speed is very very fast. In my limited experience of trying out various web based applications, I have seen many fancy looking products that fail to deliver the core functionalities, as well as many feature rich products failing to keep the UI intuitive. A big shout out to the Life Whisperer team for creating a wonderful product. I am just loving it! And I hope that one day I will be able to win against the AI :-)"

      Ms. Doel Pande, B.E (Electronics), M.Sc , Ph.D Scholar, ESHRE Certified Senior Clinical Embryologist Indore Fertility

    • Non invasive proven technology
    • Standardization of embryo assessment
    • No cost or disruption to clinics
    • Instant report on each embryo’s viability 
    • Web-based assessment