Life Whisperer Embryo Quality (LWEQ)

A clearer picture of embryo quality

LWEQ only available in the USA

Use AI to evaluate the likelihood of the embryo being genetically normal (euploid) and of high morphological quality, from a single static embryo image.

Life Whisperer Embryo Quality (LWEQ) is a low-cost, non-invasive and instant AI assessment of embryo quality.

LWEQ uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assess images of blastocyst-stage embryos to identify those most likely to be of good overall quality – that is, embryos that are both euploid and of high morphological quality. The Embryo Quality (EQ) score represents the AI’s confidence in each embryos’ overall quality, which can be used to rank and prioritize embryos to send for PGT-A testing, reducing costs.

Clinical studies have shown that LWEQ assists in the identification of embryos that have a greater likelihood of being euploid and of high morphological quality. In a simulated cohort study, LWEQ was able to rank at least one good quality embryo (>Grade 3 and euploid) in the top 3 embryos in 98% of cohorts.  

Higher quality embryos are known to have better implantation rates and live birth outcomes. With increased efficiencies, embryologists and physicians have greater capacity to serve more high-value new cycle patients. This can ultimately increase patient satisfaction and demand, patient throughput (new cycles vs subsequent transfers), and revenue.

LWEQ also removes subjectivity associated with embryo evaluation, standardizes embryo quality assessment, and supports SART reporting. Automated assistance with embryo grading and fewer biopsies can decrease embryologist workload and increase lab efficiency.

Automatically generated patient report supports patient engagement, and increases transparency and participation.

Simple, non-invasive, instant.

Embryologists upload standard microscope images to the web-based tool and Life Whisperer’s proprietary AI assessments are applied.


Improve standardization by increasing consistency, accuracy & confidence. Remove subjectivity and judgement calls, and supplement your manual scoring methods with an evidence-based tool.


No expensive equipment, maintenance, or subscription fees. The AI uses your standard microscope images of embryos, including microscope-mounted and time-lapse systems. No capital outlay is required with minimal to no disruption to the IVF workflow.


Drag-and-drop functionality helps you make key decisions. Quickly integrate the AI assessment into your embryo selection workflow almost instantly.


Instant set-up and on-demand access to Life Whisperer (subject to regulatory approvals in your country).


Built to comply with stringent patient privacy and quality standards, including HIPAA and GDPR.


Automatically generated patient report gives patients a first-hand look at the decision-making process. The report increases  transparency, patient knowledge and opens discussion during the IVF process.

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