Life Whisperer Genetics (LWG)

A clearer picture of embryo quality

Use AI to evaluate the likelihood of the embryo being genetically normal (euploid) from a single static embryo image

Life Whisperer Genetics analyzes morphological features that constitute a euploid embryo, including complex patterns that are difficult or even impossible to detect by the human eye.

Life Whisperer Genetics is an instant, objective, and non-invasive web application to aid in the decision-making process of embryo selection. It is easy to use and fully automated, without needing manual annotations, and operates with standard camera or time-lapse systems. Simply drag-and-drop embryo images and receive instant results. Life Whisperer Genetics’ AI algorithm assesses morphological features correlating with the likelihood of an embryo being genetically normal (euploid), allowing you to select good quality embryos with confidence.

Clinical studies have shown that Life Whisperer Genetics identifies embryos that have a greater likelihood of being euploid, offering a non-invasive insight into embryo genetic integrity. In a simulated cohort study, Life Whisperer Genetics identified the top-ranked embryo as euploid in 82% of cohorts* [1]. For clinics, this means greater patient demand, a greater capacity for higher-value first cycle patients, and ultimately increased revenue and patient satisfaction.

Life Whisperer Genetics can be used as a pre-screen to select embryos for confirmatory PGT-A, reducing costs. It also provides an alternative for patients who are unable to use PGT-A, aiding in selecting embryos for transfer.

*Ranking evaluated using simulated cohort analyses.
[1] Diakiw SM, Hall JMM, VerMilyea MD, et al. Development of an artificial intelligence model for predicting the likelihood of human embryo euploidy based on blastocyst images from multiple imaging systems during IVF. Hum Reprod. 2022;37(8):1746-1759. doi:10.1093/humrep/deac131.

Life Whisperer’s deep learning
Identifies known and unknown features correlated with the likelihood of euploidy, including complex patterns that are difficult or even impossible to detect by the human eye.

Automatically generated patient report supports patient engagement, and increases transparency and participation.

Simple, non-invasive, instant


Improve standardization by increasing consistency and confidence in prioritizing euploid (good quality) embryos. Remove manual subjectivity and identify embryos likely to be euploid for biopsy or transfer using an evidence-based tool.


Instant set-up and on-demand access to Life Whisperer (subject to regulatory approvals in your country).


Drag-and-drop functionality helps you make key decisions quickly. Rapidly integrate the AI assessment into your embryo selection workflow.


Gain additional insights with no additional manipulation.


Low-cost, pay-per-use fee. No expensive equipment, ongoing maintenance, or subscription fees. The AI uses your standard embryo images , including images from microscope-mounted and time-lapse systems. No capital outlay is required with minimal to no disruption to the IVF workflow.


Built to comply with stringent patient privacy and quality standards, including HIPAA and GDPR.


Automatically generated patient reports give your patients a first-hand look at the decision-making process. The report increases transparency, patient knowledge, and opens discussions during the IVF process.


Obtain results almost instantly (within ~10 seconds).

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