Does your clinic use the latest in embryo selection?


Does your clinic use the latest in embryo selection?

Doing IVF or considering IVF?

Our advanced Artificial Intelligence can help your embryologist select the most viable embryos.

Proven to improve selection for a better chance at pregnancy.

Our clinical studies with leading fertility clinics demonstrated a marked improvement in selecting viable embryos beyond traditional manual methods alone.

Life Whisperer is launching in Australia.

We’re currently talking to clinics about our service. If you’d like us to approach your clinic, please fill in the form, or download the Life Whisperer brochure to discuss it with your clinic in person.

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    More IVF miracles. Less cycles.

    When you’re doing IVF, Life Whisperer’s non-invasive embryo selection helps give you a better chance of success. Life Whisperer:

    • Uses A.I. to assess an embryo’s structure
    • Reliably improves selection of viable embryos for implanting
    • Evaluates features not visible to the naked eye down a microscope
    • Is non-invasive and easily incorporated into routine assessment
    • One low cost per IVF cycle, for any number of embryos
    • Delivers a fast, reliable assessment to the embryologist