Life Whisperer non-invasively identifies an embryo’s viability.

Embryo assessment, or grading, is normally done by a skilled embryologist, who examines each embryo under a microscope and assigns it a grade. The grading enables your clinic to choose the embryo with the best chance of leading to a successful pregnancy.

This visual assessment is limited to what can be seen with the naked eye down a microscope. Its reliability can also be impacted by unintentional human error or variables, such as tiredness or the need to quickly perform an assessment.

Life Whisperer uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to assess the morphological features (or structure) of each embryo. The microscope images that the embryologist sees are uploaded to the Life Whisperer application and an instant assessment is returned for each embryo.

Our clinical studies with leading fertility clinics demonstrate a marked improvement beyond traditional manual methods alone.

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